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Load Testing with Azure Container Instances

Load Testing with Azure Container Instances

Recently, Microsoft annouced that they’re going to be abandoning support for Visual Studio Cloud-based Load Tests. Creating tests through Visual Studio wasn’t trivial, but it was cloud-based and there was no need to provision dedicated test harnesses. I have found...

Understanding ASP.NET Core Middleware

The more time I spend writing ASP.NET Core applications, the more I begin to experience how extensible it is. Besides first-class usage of dependency injection, the middleware is one of my favorite features. Understanding how middleware works, will give you...

Shhh, keep your secrets to yourself in ASP.NET Core

Azure provides wonderful PaaS options for developers, especially those using .NET. In many cases, services like Azure Service Bus, require connection strings and secured tokens used to authenticate our applications. If you want to make your repository publicly accessible, it...

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