It’s good to learn new things. It’s good to have a growth mindset. Is too much new a bad thing?

It happens from time to time. Helping people where they are so eager to pay off technical debt because of the opportunity to work new things. I believe as human beings we have a cap on how much we’re able to absorb change. If we take on too much, we also absorb a bunch of risk.

It sounds obvious.

Yet in the moment, it’s often hard to see. This is especially true for being the transformation agent. Because in my experience, it feels good to be listened and feels really good to have an eager student.

Sometimes, we can be the eager student.

I just recently had to stop consuming to bazillion audio books, podcasts, e-books. I could not absorb the information fast enough and I had just too many priorities. I was being ineffective while having really good intentions.

But when we take on too much, we lose control. When we lose control, we fall back to what we know. We go back to the old ways.

So sometimes, change too fast can mean no change at all down the road.