While I don’t like to wait until the first of the year to start making lifestyle changes, I do respect that there’s power to the feeling of a fresh slate. There’s energy around us, an impetus towards change.

I recently read a book called The Dip. I used some of the lessons taught for my personal life too. Before trying something new, I am practicing assessing the payoff and not quitting until I reach the criteria for quitting.

I used to write blog posts. I used to negotiate with my wife on how time I could carve out during the weekend so that I could do a side project or write a blog post. Over the years, I wrote some blog posts and started many side projects. Over the course of those years, I have little to show for it. Why? Several reasons and the biggest ones being inconsistency and lack of shipping.

Now, if I take on a new endeavor, I first decide what’s my pay off and the criteria of when I should quit.

As part of an experiment, I make it my mission to blog daily. I am continuing until I reach 100 days. So if I'm struggling to consistently ship, then it pushes me to assess why..

I got to be honest. I am learning something new right now. To queue up some blog posts before a holiday. The spontaneous nature of my holidays with my family leaves me little room to plan for what and when to write.