If you’re familiar with DORA’s State of DevOps report, then you know how this research organization discovered metrics that can help categorize elite, high, medium, and low performing organizations.

Are there companies that are flying below the radar and are even lower performing than the “low performers”?

From the latest report, they classify IT organizations based on the four key metrics:

So low performing organizations are:

  • Deploying to code to production between once per month and once every six months
  • From the moment a commit makes it to the main branch to the moment it makes it to production, is anywhere between one month and six months
  • In case of an outage, on average it takes anywhere between one week and month month to restore service
  • When they do deploy, 46-60% of the deploys fail or require remediation

What if a company develops a greenfield system
and doesn’t deploy within 6 months?

Sometimes there’s so much anticipation and investment poured to a project that provides no business value for such a long time. I think they are lower performers than the low performers, regardless of what fancy tech they are using.