Today, it was a great meetup at Orlando Azure. Eric gave a fantastic presentation. He has been working for BlueGrace Logistics for 5 years to date as a DevOps engineer. So far, what they’ve been able to do is astonishing. Today, he’s supporting 170+ Azure App Services, 38 function apps, and 32 Azure SQL databases. Embodying a DevOps mindset. Over 40 developers. Some DBAs. One automated tester. No Ops.

DevOps and Azure at BlueGrace

How do they do it? They lean heavily into PaaS. They seek to avoid VMs so that they don’t have to worry about extra maintenance. They enable their developers to troubleshoot the code in production with a “you build it you run it” mentality. They invest in DevOps practices like Infrastructure as Code, CI/CD pipelines, and automated testing (mostly functional tests at the moment). They seek to reduce their lead time from commit to production.

What also strikes me is that they are pragmatic as well. They seek to find choices that will make the most ROI for the business. This method has been working for them. Their company has been scaling at a mind-blowing rate.

Great job Eric and BlueGrace team.