Becoming a curious scientist

Conventional wisdom tells us that we have to design big and plan for worst case - that’s how we prepare for the unexpected. When we release to production, that’s the first time our users will see it and that’s ok....

Productionless Kubernetes

So I found out about greenfield project being developed on Kubernetes. It was a sizable project with microservices and the likes. It has been in development for a year.

A Parallel Idea

I’ve recently been listening a lot of audio books from Seth Godin. He talks about when and why to push through hard times, how to be a linchpin, and what makes a great marketing.

ARM Template Outputs from Azure Pipelines

ARM Template Outputs from Azure Pipelines

Deploying Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates from Azure DevOps is very powerful. It encourages developers and operators to maintain a declarative file describing the infrastructure on Azure. Also helps prevent pesky environment drifts because of someone clicking from the portal...