Do you really need that Service Now integration?

It’s been a couple of times now that I see bigger organizations ask for help in integrating their Service Now process with Azure DevOps. I even wrote a custom Deployment Gate some time ago using an Azure function before this...

Becoming a curious scientist

Conventional wisdom tells us that we have to design big and plan for worst case - that’s how we prepare for the unexpected. When we release to production, that’s the first time our users will see it and that’s ok....

Productionless Kubernetes

So I found out about greenfield project being developed on Kubernetes. It was a sizable project with microservices and the likes. It has been in development for a year.

A Parallel Idea

I’ve recently been listening a lot of audio books from Seth Godin. He talks about when and why to push through hard times, how to be a linchpin, and what makes a great marketing.