Abundance vs scarcity mindset

Scarcity mindset is believing there will never be enough. In our world, it means protecting our expertise. If someone has our skills, then there’s only so many problems to solve. If someone automates it, then there’s no problem for me...

Constantly shipping

While I don’t like to wait until the first of the year to start making lifestyle changes, I do respect that there’s power to the feeling of a fresh slate. There’s energy around us, an impetus towards change.

Think week outcome

Earlier this week, I mentioned how I was going to try my own version of a think week. During the course of two days after Christmas, I took some PTO to be able to focus and contribute to the Orlando...

Think week

Recently, I watched a documentary on Bill Gates called Inside Bill’s Brain. One of things that stuck with me was a concept that he calls - think weeks.

15 days and 15 blogs

It’s been 15 days since November 28th. Since that date, I’ve been experimenting with blogging daily. It’s incredible that in 15 days… I have created more content than in a previous year.