Pain driven improvements

As of today, my blog does not have a search feature. I’ve been blogging daily and so far I’ve written 90 posts. I can’t tell you what all they were and I find myself referring back to them. I read...

The importance of trying things out

There’s often much excitement and hype with new technologies. When I learn about a new solution, I immediately get excited at the possibilities. I visualize all the ways I could use it and I get curious. Sometimes though, there are...

Transforming too fast

It’s good to learn new things. It’s good to have a growth mindset. Is too much new a bad thing?

The balance between shiny and necessary

We’re often faced with choices. Do we try the new thing? Or do we stick with what works? Veer too much in one direction and there’s lack of balance. There’s risk.

Championing change from within

From time to time, I have discussions about how to start “convincing” leadership that developers should write unit tests. Many organizations see the value and many don’t. I believe it’s understood as an industry best-practice. Yet, many developers fail to...