Choosing a feature flag platform

Choosing a feature flag platform

Yes, as more and more companies embrace Continuous Deployment, feature flags platform are becoming much more popular. I love feature flags, it’s one of the coolest and more demonstrable aspects of DevOps.

hmm... spa on kubernetes?

Sometimes, when we have a hammer, everything is a nail. When we have Kubernetes, we want to deploy everything on it. Is it really worth deploying a static website on Kubernetes?

Security through simplicity

Security is complicated. It’s very difficult to get right. Building your own authentication system can be a bad idea. Building your own secret store can be a bad idea. Building your own encryption algorithm can be a bad idea. The...

Microservices to drive agility

True monoliths are difficult to change. But, difficult change is bigger than overcoming spaghetti code. Ask yourself, if you were modifying a couple of lines of code, how long would that change take to make it to production? For many...

Examples of architecture that drives agility

Yesterday, I spoke about the value of making architectural decisions to aid agility. Agility requires high deployment frequency (deployments to production per day), and low lead time (time between commit to production deploy).