CI/CD for Web App for Container

Deploying to an Azure Web App for Container is a bit different than deploying to a traditional Azure Web App. Why? Because when using traditional application deployments, we push our code to the destination. With containers, we instead pull a...

Quick and dirty ARM template

There are several ways to adopt infrastructure as code when using Azure. Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates are the native way. One way to create an ARM template is to look at the ARM Template Quickstarts and copy bits and...

Just containers on Azure

I think it’s a common assumption that the best way to use containers on Azure is through Kubernetes. While that may be true for some projects, it certainly isn’t true for others. The team’s expertise, the service level objectives for...


DRY is the well known best-practice of not duplicating code so that code can be more maintainable and readable. Is this concept applicable to CI/CD?

Think week

Recently, I watched a documentary on Bill Gates called Inside Bill’s Brain. One of things that stuck with me was a concept that he calls - think weeks.