Enforcing resource group tags

Resource group tags can be very useful. It can be one those things that you don’t realize that you need it until you wish you had it. One of those moments might be billing.

What if we deployed to production daily

Deploying to production quickly used to mean that some developer would have access to the production servers and deploy straight from their computer. Often, this was associated with the “cowboy” way of doing things. So, understandably, some companies created and...

Naming conventions

Like many struggles with naming things, by the time you find a name you actually like, it might be the nth iteration. Because infrastructure is not as easy to rename (sometimes just not possible), it can take time to find...


There’s an exciting practice growing with the world of Kubernetes and containerization. It’s GitOps. If you don’t know much about it, read on! Background While microservices are cool and automation is also cool, it does introduce new challenges. For example,...

When automation is not worth it

Have you felt excited about the possibilities and coolness of solving a problem through automation? I have. I also use that moment as a checkpoint to ask myself: