My name is Facundo Gauna. Sometimes I go by Frank. Married young but loving every minute of it. I have a cat. His name is Cat as far as I know. My wife calls him something else. No kids yet. We’re trying to enjoy peace and quiet for now.

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I’m a software developer at Nebbia Technology in Orlando, FL. I have a degree in Computer Engineering from University of Central Florida.

I’m not active on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ so you can follow me but I won’t guarantee anything. Rarely on Skype either.

You might be able to find me on Slack at Orlando Devs. Email me or shoot me a message on LinkedIn .

I enjoy coding quite a bit and I consider it one of my hobbies. I also like to play table tennis and attend Meetups in the Orlando area. Used to be a recreational gamer but I stopped so I could have time for other things.

Dood, where’s that name from?

Argentina. I was named after a book about the struggle in Argentina about European modernization in the 1830s. Never read it.

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Fun Fact: If you like Bacardi, the founder’s name is Facundo Bacardi

Ask me how I found out.